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F-60/36n. Glasses Case

Women's covers / cases for glasses with embossing Flowers. Manufacturer - Aсropolis (Ukraine)
Covers / cases for women's glasses with embossing Flowers. Manufacturer Acropolis (Ukraine)
Women's Glasses Cases  - green, light green, burgundy (magenta). Manufacturer Acropolis (Ukraine)
Women's Glasses Covers Green, Light Green, Burgundy (magenta). Manufacturer Acropolis (Ukraine)

Stylish women's cases in bright colors are decorated with thermal embossing with snail. They will be a great gift for a friend, sister or mother. Sophisticated outside and pleasant to the touch inside. Made of heat-resistant leatherette and velvet lining. The reliable metal case is additionally reinforced with holnitens. The convenient magnetic fastener holds well for a long time.

The warranty for the case is 12 months.



155 mm
50 mm
25 mm