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Acropolis Silicone laces for glasses

We present new accessories from the Acropolis company - original straps for glasses made of high-quality soft silicone - Acropolis A-90/16. Do not slip or rub the neck. Fixed to the brackets of the frames.

Everyone can choose a strap - a man, a woman and a child. There are  8 colors.

The length of the strap is 52 cm.

Stands for glasses cases

Dear customers!

We present you our wooden stands for eyeglasses cases of different shapes and sizes for your reception desk:

PF-3 - stand for 1 case.

PF-4 - stand for 2 cases.

* The stand for 2 cases transforms into the stand for 1 case.

Stand PF-3 or PF-4 is added as a gift to your order of cases. In this case, there must be placed cases for glasses "Acropolis".

Independence Day of Ukraine 2020

Acropolis congratulates all its partners and customers on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

We wish everyone a peaceful sky and bright sun overhead, health, and well-being in the home.

Let our country develop and prosper!


Children's medical face masks from  Acropolis

Information for Opticians who sell children's glasses. The Acropolis company sews children's medical masks with funny prints. Masks are suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years.

Price for 1 piece - 6 hryvnias.

The minimum quantity in the order - 50 pieces.

Promotional cases Acropolis for  glasses

Buy quality glasses cases at promotional prices. Children's, men's and women's models in bright purple and classic brown, black, and blue colors.

Hard Shell Glasses Case - print "cells"

Acropolis F-60/07 – a novelty that will surprise you with an unusual exterior pattern, high-quality base material made of 100% cotton, a strong inner frame, and a soft gentle lining. The reliable case that will protect the frames from damage and preserve the unique look of your glasses.

Warranty - 12 months.

Якісні футляри для сонцезахисних окулярів.

We slowed down in this difficult period, but we continue to work and create relevant accessories.

The purpose is to make a high-quality and inexpensive shell-cases for glasses.

There are available models for narrow and wide frames.

Warranty - 12 months.


Be healthy, life is much longer than any epidemic!



Acropolis has developed a new product – cases for folded glasses. Two models: M-04/04 bigger and M-04/06 smaller. Colors in stock. Sewed, durable lining on a woven basis. Branded rivets "Acropolis" made of brass, will not be oxidized with the time.



New cases for glasses from Acropolis

We introduce you four new Acropolis cases  F-70/03, F-70/04, F-70/05, F-70/06 made of layered wood for corrective eyeglasses and sunglasses. There are models of different shapes and sizes.

KIEV MIO 2020 photo

We thank all the visitors, participants and organizers of MIO 2020 for ​​positive and pleasant emotions.

See you all at the next MIO (Ukraine).


Acropolis – your stylish case!