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Нові дешеві українські футляри для окулярі Акрополіс на 2023 рік

Before the New Year and Christmas holidays, the "Acropolis" Сompany updated its assortment with new colors and textures.
Bestseller case B-10 in a new version:

Акрополіс допомагає оптикам та оптичним салонам України

Acropolis Company helps opticians, that return to the de-occupied cities and villages of Ukraine and reopen or restore an optical salon. We are sincerely glad to support you at least at this stage and send cases, napkins, and laces for glasses from TM "Acropolis" for free!

Please contact our managers at the phone numbers:

+38 066 718 73 21
+38 068 93 63 018

Привітання з Днем Незалежності України!

Acropolis Сompany sincerely congratulates everyone

on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

We wish our country peace, harmony, abundance, and prosperity! Strength, faith, and encouragement to the Ukrainians in the difficult struggle!

We pave the way to a new life through thorns!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

Нові чохли для окулярів Акрополіс

Check out our summer novelty selection of cases and chains from TM "ACROPOLIS" (Ukraine):

Cute, high-quality, and convenient covers and cases for storing and protecting men's and women's glasses of various shapes and sizes. Original chains for frames.

Assistance to opticians from Gostomel, Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka and others.

We are glad to see that opticians who were in battlefield are gradually resuming their work. We offer our help to opticians from Gostomel, Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka and others.

We will form sets of accessories and send you cases, napkins, laces for free. Just contact us. The quantity and amount of our help will depend on how many opticians will turn to us.

Sincerely, ACROPOLIS.


Cases for glasses with flowers Acropolis 60/16

New glasses cases on the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8! Acropolis "FLORAL" F-60/16!

The original design with lotus flowers, a symbol of purity and independence, will be a great gift for the spring holiday.

The hard case closes on a magnet. Sheathed with high quality faux leather in green and purple colors.

P.S. Threads were selected in tone.

Аксесуари для окулярів Акрополіс за акційною ціною

Only from 21.01.22 to 01.02.22 for OPTICS there are promo prices for:

Microfiber (napkins) A-90/07, A-90/18

Branded glasses cases and Acropolis microfiber napkins

Make your BRAND recognizable. The company "Acropolis" offers opticians, jewelry stores, and shops an extra service "Cases for glasses and microfiber napkins with your LOGO, address, and contact information." Our products will fulfill their purpose, and effectively promote your salon!

How to order a personalized product?

Cheap Acropolis Cases

Reliable cases in the popular size of 14,5 x 6 cm. Model F-60/03b
Modern and Retro prints. The clasp is a magnet!

Wholesale price - 54 UAH.

For more information, contact the managers:
tel. +38 066 718 73 21
e-mail -


Leather cases Acropolis

Until the autumn season, we offer Acropolis bestsellers in new colors: