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Personalized cases and napkins! Be closer to your customers.

Branded glasses cases and Acropolis microfiber napkins

Make your BRAND recognizable. The company "Acropolis" offers opticians, jewelry stores, and shops an extra service "Cases for glasses and microfiber napkins with your LOGO, address, and contact information." Our products will fulfill their purpose, and effectively promote your salon!

How to order a personalized product?

  1.     Choose the model that you are interested in.
  2.     Send us your visual elements
  3.     We make the product layout
  4.     You approve the placement and appearance of the LOGO
  5.     Payment 50%
  6.     Launching.

Link on the catalog of samples for the order -

Каталог брендованих футлярів і чохлів для окулярів Acropolis