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F-01/06 Glasses case

F-01/06 Glasses case
F-01/06 Glasses case photo 1
F-01/06 Glasses case photo 2
F-01/06 Glasses case photo 3

Article: 0106.

Manufacturer: Acropolis.

Presentable case of vertical form. The combination of leather from bright to pastel colors (reptile print) and walnut wood. The sturdy rigid frame will protect the eyeglass lenses from accidental sloppy movements. The glass will remain intact. The case is fully sewn and glued. There is an optimum ratio of guarantee of use, quality of materials and the price of the finished product.

* Acropolis reserves the right to change the colors and textures of materials in accordance with the latest fashion trends. Photos of updated products can be provided at the request of the customer.


leather and nut wood.

45 mm
145 mm
35 mm