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Acropolis Company was founded in 1996, is currently the leading manufacturer of accessories for hunting and fishing in Ukraine. Working in the market for 18 years, we have created a range of accessories the design and quality of which are highly competitive with famous manufacturers..

The goods of TM Acropolis are unique, with patented systems that have no counterparts in the world.

They are functional, always focused on the needs of hunters and fishermen and at the same time appealing.

In recent years the company has developed its own patented systems and a wide range of new products from weapon cases and fishing accessories to clothing, footwear and goods for outdoor rest. All products of the company are developed by its own potent design department.

The inspiration we get from communicating with customers, we listen to their wishes and how they think every product should look. We believe that each client can make changes to the product. You are dealing directly with us as a manufacturer and we can constantly make improvements, - that is our advantage.

A guarantee of quality is the fact that the founder and director of the company takes part in the process of design, selection of materials, manufacturing and testing, because he is a hunter and fisherman. Product testing is being conducted at least a year by the Acropolis team.

Our company outfits Ukraine national team in carp fishing, which took 6th place on the European Championship.